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  • We want to give our testimony about the remote care of our child who is dyslexic. We are a French family of 4 expatriate children since October 2012 in the USA. We moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, north of Chicago, in the Great Lakes region. Upon arrival, our children were enrolled in US public school. Our son, then 5 years old, had been admitted in K5 (the equivalent of the Grand Section of Kindergarten). He had followed in France a Medium Section the year before and the K5 lent us suitable. Only the program is not the same as in France and our son had to learn quickly the alphabet in English and the writing of the letters because the other students already knew a little read and wrote sentences ...

    Christiane Tarrade
  • Catherine et JB S. Washington USA. Mars 2013

    Dear sir, about 5 months ago Lisa is taking telephony lessons with you and we are already seeing significant progress. We are delighted with this initial momentum and we would like to make a return. Lisa won on 3 tables: the recovery of confidence in her, progress in reading, and a better mastery of the spelling. The last dictations give a score of 5 faults on 30 words (including 2 of inattention), which is very positive - even unexpected, 6 months ago. She even recently scored 1 in 4 on her last history check! Contrary to what we apprehend, the remote connection was not a constraint; Lisa very quickly adapted to the format of her regular appointment "with Michel". We regain confidence in the possibility for Lisa to catch up the lag accumulated over the past 2 years. We thank you again and count on your support to continue to advance Lisa and support her in the continuity of the effort that will offer her a passage in the upper class.

    Catherine et JB S. Washington USA. Mars 2013
  • Alessia Lo Porto - Octobre 2012

    Dear Michel, I am sending you this letter to tell you that, following the sessions carried out via video communication with you, the stuttering of Como has considerably diminished or even disappeared most of the time. It made me, delighted, the remark a few days ago, because his friends of the Lycée Français of New York also noted the difference and spontaneously spoke to him. Thanks to you, it was a great help for us to know that Como could work even remotely his speech difficulties. Friendly.

    Alessia Lo Porto - Octobre 2012
  • Remi Senatore - Janvier 2012

    Living in expatriation in the USA, we had a need for speech therapy for our daughter Zoé of 5 years then in Grande section of kindergarten. Thanks to the French School of Detroit, we had the contact of Michel Sistac. So Zoé attended tele-speech therapy sessions from September 2010 to May 2011 via video communication at the rate of 1 session per week. The intake was extremely beneficial. Zoé began his CP a few months ago in great confidence and continues to progress at high speed. Thank you Michel for your help!

    Remi Senatore - Janvier 2012
  • Aymeric & Blandine B. USA

    We were looking for a support for our 10 year old daughter Marie who is experiencing problems with dysorthography. We wanted a support in French so as not to complicate the task. Our many researches in Dallas, Texas, have done nothing; We found only American speech therapists. We felt helpless to solve our daughter's problems far from France. Finally, Dallas International School gave us the contact details of Michel Sistac, a speech therapist based in France who teaches via Skype for French people abroad. The first contact was excellent. Mr. Sistac tested Mary and exchanged with her teachers to pinpoint the problem. With the diagnosis, the sessions started at the rate of three sessions per week by Skype. We regularly made a point with Mr. Sistac. At the end of three months, during an appointment with Mary's teachers, they told us about Mary's significant progress in reading and writing, which confirmed our impression. The results were far beyond our expectations.

    Aymeric & Blandine B. USA
  • T.S. - Rauma Finlande - 2014

    We are expatriates in Finland and we wanted to find a solution to continue the sessions of speech therapy that our daughter needs. We made contact with Mr SISTAC and for the second year, she follows the sessions by Téléorthophonie. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an agreed appointment: the system is simple and convenient at the same time. The child finds himself in the same configuration as during an appointment with his speech therapist: work and quality exchanges are done by screens interposed in a very natural way. In our situation, it is really the best support that we could bring to our daughter and that brings him Mr Sistac.

    T.S. - Rauma Finlande - 2014

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