Confidential and secure Teleconsultations is a unique, highly secure platform, led by a multidisciplinary team. Our specialists are based around the world to cover all time zones with great flexibility.


Discover the teleconsultation

DisMed allows you to book a consultation anywhere, anytime
with one of our professional therapists.

Find a practitioner
Select a specialty and a language of consultation to find a practitioner to answer your request.

Check availabilities
Consult the availability of our practitioners in your own time zone to request your teleconsultation.

Do your teleconsultation
Connect with your practitioner at the date and time chosen for your teleconsultation, and your follow-up.


A therapist for your follow-up

DisMed offers you different and complementary types of services in several languages for children, teenagers, adults, parents, teachers and parents' associations.


100% secure service and payment

DisMed is hosted by a health data host approved by the Regional Health Agency.

Protecting your data does not retain any data.

Secure payments
All your payments are 100% secure with your practitioner.