A consultation, when and where you want!

A unique platform, led by a multidisciplinary team. Our specialists are based all over the world, to cover all time zones with great flexibility.
This new practice enables our patients around the world to access quality services. Patients no longer have to move. They work in the comfort of their home, in a suitable space. The constraint of the waiting list disappears thanks to the availability of our specialists and therapists.
A specialist “at home”, at the time that suits you, for a follow-up anywhere in the world, with the guarantee of individualized and secure sessions, and the commitment of the same practitioner that you have chosen until the end of the care.

The benefits for the patient

Great flexibility for making appointments

24/7 availability around the world

Have your sessions directly from home

No more traveling or waiting in the office

Save on shipping and incidentals

Make appointments directly and save time

Supported pathologies

According to our latest satisfaction survey, what are the pathologies we take care of?

  • Oral language disorders
  • Written language disorders
  • Oral and written language disorders
  • Other

Why teleconsultation

Following our last satisfaction survey, why did you choose

  • No practitioner near you
  • Your practitioner suggested it to you
  • For other reasons

Our patients write to us

We were looking for support in French (not found in Dallas) for our 10-year-old daughter who has problems with dysorthography. We felt helpless ... then we discovered you. We have therefore seen significant progress in reading and writing. The results were well beyond our expectations.
Aymeric & Blandine

Aymeric & Blandine

Dallas / United States
Living in expatriation in the United States, we had a need for speech therapy for our 5 year old daughter. She attended tele-speech therapy sessions from September 2010 to May 2011 via video communication at the rate of 1 session per week. The contribution has been extremely beneficial. It continues to grow at a brisk pace.


United States
Following the sessions done with you via video communication, the stuttering of our son has considerably diminished or even disappeared most of the time. It was a great help to know that our child could work even remotely with his speech difficulties!


It is with great thanks from the heart that we wanted to associate you with the great success of A who flourished this year in sixth. What a long way! His willingness and kind support during his elementary school years made all the difference. A big thank-you !
Mr and Mme L

Mr and Mme L

United States