Frequently Asked Questions about Teleorthophonie.com

We have set up a series of questions and answers to help you use Teleorthophonie.com.

Prerequisites and use

Can I access Teleorthophonie.com from any computer?

Yes, you can access the site and your Teleorthophonie.com account from any computer from any location (at home, at school, at your vacation spot, at your family …), anywhere in the world !
We advise you to use the browser “Google Chrome” (to download, click -ICI-) for a better experience.
We will also have soon our mobile applications (for Android and iOS / Apple).
Note: on tablets and mobile, some video conferencing features, such as screen sharing, are more difficult to use. We advise you to use a computer preferably.

What is the minimum computer hardware required

All you need is a computer or tablet / mobile phone, preferably with the Google Chrome web browser (but Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, or Safari are ok), and most importantly, an internet connection: ADSL 512KB minimum , or more. We recommend a wired connection rather than a WiFi connection (for better signal quality). It is preferable and advisable to use a headset equipped with a microphone, to guarantee a session comfort.

Information on sessions & assessments


You will have the indication of the fees of the session or the assessment once you will select a practitioner and a service.


All consultations given on Teleorthophonie.com platform are considered to be face to face consultations: a bill will be automatically generated at your first teleconsultation request, and another one at the end of the current month if you do other consultations with your practitioner. This invoice should be used to obtain reimbursement for the medical procedure.

Paramedical consultations will be reimbursed very soon, wholly or in part, by your normal medical health insurance; please contact your health insurer for more details.

What are the durations of the assessments?

The average duration for an assesssment is 2 hours. However, for a “child” assessment, it takes place in 2 sessions of 1 hour, in order to maintain the concentration capacities of the child.

How to be sure that this is a health professional?

Our network is made up of health professionals registered in their competent regulatory institutions, having signed a collaboration agreement. These professionals were all met individually by the director of DisMed: Michel Sistac, and were trained in the particularities of expatriation and the use of video-consulting equipment.

And if the health professional does not suit me?

You have the possibility at any time to change your health professional or unsubscribe from our site. If you decide to change your health professional, only a health professional from the DisMed network can be contacted.

Taking consultations

Can I choose my appointments?

Yes, by checking the availability of practitioners using our interface. You can click HERE to see all our practitioners.
The availability of our practitioners is constantly updated, and are always displayed in your own time zone.

I do not find availabilities that suit me

If you can not find the dates and slots available that suit you, you can always contact us directly, via our online contact form, so that we find the right solution together.

Can I make recurring (repeat) consultations?

Yes, but only directly with your Practitioner after the first contact. Our site and system offers only to make your first consultation and to put you in contact with your Practitioner. The follow-up of your sessions will then be done directly with him. Warning: the recurrence is not proposed on the assessments, in general.

What are the details i need to provide for my request?

We want to preserve your personal / private data, especially your health data. That’s why the only personal information you will be asked for is: the first and last name of the patient, your contact email address (which will also be used for the videoconferencing session by our VSee software).

How to see the history of my consultations?

At each first consultation request, our system creates a “patient” account. You will then be able to access your list of online consultations (list of your consultations requested, status of consultations, choice of the practitioner, …).

Will I have a reminder for my consultation?

Yes. Our system will automatically send you an email the day before your teleconsultation, and another 2 hours before, to call you back.

Can I cancel a consultation?

Yes. You can cancel a consultation, directly from your account / consultation history, only 48 hours in advance. After 48 hours, you will not be able to cancel the consultation yourself. In case you really need to cancel a consultation for a particular reason, less than 48 hours before it takes place, please contact your Practitioner directly. If unable to connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be charged.

Can I contact my therapist at any time?

Yes, in agreement with the practitioner. Once your consultation request is approved, your practitioner can establish a direct contact via the private messaging of our website, and also by email, with you.

Are there documents to work on between sessions?

According to the requirements of your practitioner.

What happens during an assessment?

An assessment takes place over 1-2 sessions depending on the child’s ability to concentrate. The assessment will determine whether or not your child requires future sessions.

What are the lengths of the sessions?

Speech therapy: minimum duration of 30 minutes.
Psychology: 45 minutes on average.
Tutoring: minimum duration of 30 minutes.
School orientation: 45 minutes on average.
Graphotherapy: 45 minutes on average.

Can my child’s teacher get in touch with the practitioner?

Yes. Only by email.

Use and configuration of our teleconsultation software

Install our teleconsultation software

You can download our teleconsultation software directly at this address: https://download.vsee.com/
The download will be done automatically (thank you to look at the bottom left of your browser, you will see the downloaded file). Double click on the file to start the installation, and let yourself be guided.

Create your VSee account

Once our software is downloaded and installed on your computer, launch it.
In the login window, you will see a “Create New Account” link. Click on it to create your account, and enter the same email address as the one used to make your consultation request!
You will not have to repeat this step for the next few times.
Once your account is created, you can connect to the VSee software, and wait for your practitioner to contact you at the time and date of your teleconsultation.


When do I need to pay my consultations?

You will pay your consultations at the end of the current month, by credit card.
Our secretary will send you the corresponding invoice to pay.

Protecting your health data

How can I be sure of the confidentiality of video-consultations?

Our platform (VSee) is in compliance with article R. 6316-10 of decree n ° 2010-1229 relating to telemedicine. The highest recommendations in terms of security and confidentiality are taken into account.