In case of emergency

Teleorthophonie.com is not an emergency service

What to do if you experience great suffering?

We encourage you to:

  • find someone to accompany you: ​​approach someone you trust to help and support you (partner, family member, friend, neighbor, acquaintance …)
  • consult your doctor or a caregiver of your knowledge as soon as possible to help and accompany you
    to go to the hospital where a practitioner on duty is at your disposal
  • contact the Care Center in your area that can see you free on charge.
  • contact the SAMU at 15

Whatever your suffering, know how to tell the difference between what your mind tells you and the person you are so that your actions are not governed by anxious or black thoughts. Beware of using alcohol or drugs to soothe your suffering. These substances aggravate the situation. Likewise, beware of any drug abuse.

What if a loved one is in crisis?

Faced with a crisis, anyone can feel helpless. It is important to know how to recognize the urgency, to adapt one’s behavior to it in order to trigger the right responses.

If the person has never been treated

Contact a care service:

in case of extreme violence towards herself or others, call the fire brigade (18), the UAS (15) or the police (17)
or take her to an emergency service (the website of the Fédération Hospitalière de France offers a search directory for structures)
or join the Care Center closest to your home
If a general practitioner knows the person

Get in touch with him, it is an essential aid for the care.

If the person is already known by a practitioner

Call this service first. In any case, give the most accurate information about the person and the situation, to understand the urgency felt.

Waiting :

  • do not panic, create calm, speak softly
  • limit the number of people present and remove dangerous objects if necessary