Online Speech and Written Language Therapy for all


For school children

Lessens risks of school failure by allowing an immediate support at the onset of disorders.

For Teachers

Allows teachers to quickly develop individualized pedagogies accordingly.

For patients

Provides patients confronted with straining failure situations with professional care.

For the parents

Reassures parents who do not have access to any local therapeutic response.

For children

  • speech disorders: articulation disorders, language and speech delay, dysphagia, stuttering, dysphasia
  • written language disorders: dyslexia, dysorthographia, dyscalculia
  • hearing impairment related disorders
  • attention deficit

For adults

  • phonological disorders

  • aphasia
  • accent reduction
  • neurological related disorders

Written language disorders

Dyslexia can be described as severe and lasting difficulties for children without sensorial troubles or severe affective disorders to acquire written language. Multiple cognitive disorders could be a cause for dyslexia. A “casual” delay in learning can be similar to dyslexia…

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Oral language disorders

Language disorders consists in a lasting and significant perturbation of the oral language structure in normally intelligent children with no hearing deficiency, wanting to communicate and who do not display other neurological pathologies hindering oral communication. Parents must be aware of certain signs...

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