Dear sir, about 5 months ago Lisa is taking telephony lessons with you and we are already seeing significant progress.
We are delighted with this initial momentum and we would like to make a return. Lisa won on 3 tables: the recovery of confidence in her, progress in reading, and a better mastery of the spelling.
The last dictations give a score of 5 faults on 30 words (including 2 of inattention), which is very positive – even unexpected, 6 months ago. She even recently scored 1 in 4 on her last history check!
Contrary to what we apprehend, the remote connection was not a constraint; Lisa very quickly adapted to the format of her regular appointment “with Michel”.
We regain confidence in the possibility for Lisa to catch up the lag accumulated over the past 2 years.
We thank you again and count on your support to continue to advance Lisa and support her in the continuity of the effort that will offer her a passage in the upper class.

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