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Frequently asked questions about our services
1 Can I access to from any computer?
Yes, you can access from any computer, tablet or phone (Iphone / Android) from anywhere (at home, at school, at your holiday place, Where in the world !
2What is the minimum computer hardware required to work with
All you need is a computer or a tablet / mobile phone equipped with a Chrome browser, Internet explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, or Safari, and above all, an Internet connection: ADSL 512KB minimum , or more. It is preferable and advisable to use a headset equipped with a microphone, to guarantee a comfort of session.
3 Can I choose my appointments?
Yes, by consulting the availability of practitioners using our interface. The availability of our practitioners is constantly updated
4I can not find availabilities that suit me
If you do not find the available dates and time slots that suit you, you can always contact us directly via our online contact form so that we can find the right solution
5Can I take recurring (repeat) consultations?
Yes. Our system allows you to make a "recurrence" on the session. Simply select the recurrence mode (weekly / monthly) and set the day on which you want to recurrence and up to which date. If some slots are no longer available for your recurrence, the system will automatically offer you the nearest slots! Caution: recurrence is not proposed on the assessments, in general
6 Can I take several consultations at a time?
Yes. At the beginning of the consultation request, you first choose a single consultation, but you can add as many as you want in the "Your consultations" step, by clicking on the "REQUEST FOR OTHER CONSULTATIONS" button. Your consultation list will then be updated automatically. Tip: You can withdraw from your request any consultations that you no longer wish, by clicking on the "trash" button
7What are the details to give on my consultation request?
We would like to preserve your personal / private data. This is why the only information you will be asked for is: your first and last name, your contact email address (which will also be used for the VSee videoconference session), date of birth, sex, his country, and free details that you can give your practitioner. Nothing more
8 How can I view the history of my consultations?
At each first consultation request, our system automatically creates a "patient" account. You will receive an email with login details (username and password). You will then be able to access your online list of consultations (list of your consultations requested, status of consultations, choice of practitioner, ...). You need to login into your account for this :
9How do I know if my request is confirmed?
Once your request is made, you will first receive an email confirming it. Your practitioner will also receive the application, and will then approve it. You will then receive a final confirmation email for the consultation (one email per consultation), with the date and time of the consultation
10Would I have a reminder for my consultation?
Yes. Our system will automatically send you an email the day before your consultation, to remind you
11 Can I cancel a consultation?
Yes. You can cancel a consultation, directly from your account / consultation history, provided you do it 48 hours in advance. After 48 hours, you will no longer be able to cancel the consultation yourself. In case of "force majeure", if you still have to cancel less than 48 hours before the consultation, please contact your practitioner directly. If you can not connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be charged
12 Can I contact the therapist at any time?
Yes, in agreement with the therapist. Once your consultation request is approved, your therapist can establish a direct contact by email with you
13Do we receive files to work between sessions?
14How does the assessment work?
The assessment takes place on one or two sessions according to the child's concentration capacities. And it is the assessment that will determine if your child need a therapy
15What are the durations of the sessions?
Speech therapy: 30 minutes on average. Psychology: 45 minutes on average Tutoring: 30 minutes on average. School Orientation: 45 minutes on average. Graphotherapy: 45 minutes on average.
16Can the teacher of my child get in touch with the therapist?
Yes, by e-mail
17What are the different payment methods offered to me?
We do not ask you to pay for the consultation when you request it. You will only pay at the end of the current month. Our secretariat will send you the invoice of the consultations that have taken place, to be settled by bank transfer or by cash payment (Western Union ...)
18 I wish to take a consultation request that will takes place in a few hours, but this seems "impossible"
In fact, a request for consultation must be made at least 24 hours before it takes place. This in order to be on to answer your request. However, in special cases, if you wish to apply in less than 24 hours, we invite you to contact your practitioner directly.

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